Rain, Rain (Staying Safe)

Rain doesn’t just ruin your last carwash by leaving behind streaks of dirt and debris. It’s also dangerous to drive in. No matter how much experience you have driving in a thunderstorm, there’s always a careless driver around to cause an accident. With all the flash flood warnings sweeping through Woodstock this week, it’s an excellent time to brush up on your inclement weather driving skills. Here are Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail’s 3 best tips for driving on wet roads.

  1. raining on a mustangBe careful. Driving too fast or too slow in a rainstorm can cause trouble. Drive more slowly than you normally would, but not so slowly that cars line up behind you. Stay in the middle lanes, which tend to be drier than the left- and rightmost lanes. Turn off cruise control and brush up on emergency driving skills (like keeping control of the car when hydroplaning).
  2. Be aware. Not matter how good a bad weather driver you are, you’re going to cross paths with a driver who lacks the wherewithal to drive safely in the rain. Check your mirrors regularly to keep track of the cars around you and keep an extra car length of space between you and the next car.
  3. Be clean. Yes, a freshly waxed car will repel dirt and debris better than a dingy vehicle, but that’s not what we mean. Keeping your tires and windshield clean are imperative to wet weather driving safety. Rotate your tires regularly, check the tread, and monitor your tire pressure to keep your car on the road during inclement weather. Improve visibility by keeping your windshield clean, applying a windshield sealant to repel rainwater, and replacing windshield wipers when needed.

Does your windshield need a professional wipe down? Are your tires looking grimy? Has all the rain left your paint speckled with dirt and leaves? Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a post-rain quick wash.

photo from flickr

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