Spring Cleaning Check-List for Your Car

Have you been cleaning up all over your house lately? Have you ever thought about taking that cleaning out to your car? At Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail you can get a wash and detail service and all the Spring Cleaning will be taken care of for you. But what if you want to do the Spring Cleaning all on your own? Our team got together an Automobile Spring Cleaning Check-list to share with you.

Our team hard at work

Our team hard at work

Car & Truck Spring Cleaning Check-List:

  1. Throw out all the trash
  2. Take everything that doesn’t belong in your vehicle out of your car or truck.
  3. Wash your car or truck
  4. Scrub the tires and tire walls
  5. vacuum the inside of your vehicle, this means the seats and inside those cup holders too
  6. Make sure you wipe down all the surfaces in your car. Taking special care if you have leather seats to use the right kind of cleaner.
  7. Clean the windows with window cleaner.

If you follow these 7 items on the check-list you will have a cleaner car. Then again does this sound like too much work for you with your busy schedule? That is what our team is in Woodstock, GA for! Towne Lakes’s Car Wash and Detail specializes in making sure your car is cleaned to perfection so you can get back to enjoying what you like to do sooner. Having a clean car is great not only for the drive to work each day, but also for those weekend dates you have planned. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our menu of services please contact us!


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