Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Washing Car WheelsTowne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail in Woodstock, Georgia can give your auto an impressive, professional detail job from hood to wheels. Auto detailing may seem pointless or frivolous especially if you have a busy family, but detailing isn’t just about looking clean. It actually extends your car’s life! Detailing can keep the intense Georgia sun from deteriorating your paint job and keep dust away from moving parts. As an added bonus, it can help keep the resale value high.

You should get your vehicle detailed bi-yearly, but here’s a do-it-yourself checklist for those times in-between services. These quick tasks can keep your baby like-new and on the road for years to come. Here’s some car detailing tips:

  • Routinely wash and wax your vehicle’s exterior to preserve its paint job and prevent rust.
  • Spray off the undercarriage.
  • Clean tires, tirewalls, and rims.
  • Use upholstery cleaners regularly to prevent permanent stains.
  • Vacuum the interior.
  • Clean doorjambs.
  • Spray air vents and small crevices with a can of compressed air.

Of course, we can also perform any of the aforementioned duties during an auto detail appointment. Here are some of the other essential tasks our professionals can perform when your bring your vehicle in for a detailing appointment:

  • Apply protective sealants to your car’s exterior and interior.
  • Remove scratches.
  • Seal tires, tirewalls, and rims.
  • Clean the engine.

Our wide range of service packages can fit any budget. Consider making an appointment today for any of these options:

  • Carpet Express
  • Exterior Hand Dry
  • Exterior Supreme
  • Full Clean
  • Hand Wash
  • Mini Detail
  • Quick Service
  • Quick Service Plus
  • Super Interior
  • Ultimate Interior
  • Wax: Hand Wax
  • Wax: Orbital Wax
  • Wheel Luster

Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail can keep your car running at its peak performance!

Img via FreeDigitalPhotos.net by marcolm

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