Stop Spring from Clinging to Your Car

Spring Windshield ContaminatesSpring is in the air in Woodstock. Families are packing into minivans for visits to the Atlanta aquarium, college kids are loading into SUVs for spring break road trips, and anyone traveling for work will embark on business trips with a renewed sense of motivation. But with spring fever comes hay fever, and those bright birds migrating through Woodstock leave unwelcome presents on exposed cars. As you prepare for a spring of sunshine, remember to protect your car from nature’s bounty.

Spring Car Contaminates

  1. Sap. Tree sap isn’t just sticky, it can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. Scrubbing off sap simply smears it around, creating a bigger, stickier stain than before. Avoid parking under trees whenever possible. If a gooey streak of sap gets on your paint, clean your car ASAP with bug and tar remover.
  2. Pollen. Your sinuses aren’t the only thing irritated by spring pollen. Pollen coats shiny, clean automobiles and slowly eats away the protective layer of wax. Hosing off the car removes the eyesore, but the pollen remains. Wash your car more frequently in the spring to keep the ever-present yellow dust from causing permanent damage.
  3. Bird droppings. Like many natural contaminates, bird droppings contain acid that damages your automobile’s paint. If you’re unable to stop by your Woodstock carwash, clean off dried bird droppings by saturating the area, applying a mild cleaner, and wiping the area with a microfiber cloth, making sure not to spread the droppings across the surface of your paint.
  4. Bugs. When bugs splatter on your windshield, it’s more than just annoying. The acidity of bug guts does permanent damage to your windshield, bumper, and paint. Instead of using a dirty windshield scrubber at the nearest gas station, take 20 minutes out of your day to hit the local carwash. Removing the stain before it sets is crucial to keeping your paint clean.

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