Stop Using Your Trunk as a Spare Closet

full car trunkIf you’re anything like us, you ask a lot of car storage. Despite the limited space in most of our trunks, our cars are a convenient space to store sports gear, pack school supplies, and hide early Christmas presents. It’s easy to let trunk organization get out of control, and we can’t exactly blame you for not wanting to dig under piles of junk to vacuum the carpet. But good car organization won’t just make your car cleaner, it will make your life easier, too. Learn our favorite tricks for keeping your trunk organized no matter how much you’re storing.

How to Organize Your Trunk

Car organization is important to the mental and physical health of your passengers. Items tossed up on the dashboard, strewn across the backseat, and piled high in the trunk of your SUV can become distractions or even hazardous projectiles while you’re driving. A cluttered car also makes it more difficult to keep your vehicle clean. Organize your car using these tips:

  • Keep a trash bag in your car and empty it regularly
  • Always take empty cups, fast food bags, and other large trash items with you when you exit the car
  • Designate a place for regularly used items like backpacks and sports bags
  • Remove seasonal items you no longer use
  • If you keep shopping bags in your trunk, sort through them every other week. Hide Christmas gifts in a home closet, return any items you aren’t keeping, and reorganize anything left over
  • Invest in car-friendly storage containers for toys, supplies, and your emergency road kit
  • Only store the necessities in your trunk (or wind up paying for the extra weight in gas)

Keep Your Trunk Clean

Has a season of car storage left your trunk looking dingy and dirty? We can help! Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a full interior auto wash. We’ll scrub your consoles, vacuum your carpet, and eliminate any evidence that your trunk doubles as a traveling closet.

photo from flickr

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