Summer Car Maintenance and Cleaning

carwash tunnelWe love our cars year-round, but summer is their time to shine. Family road trips, weekend getaways, and holiday events like the Woodstock Freedom Fest display your car to the world, for better or for worse. Give your car a little extra gleam this summer with summer maintenance, a hot weather clean out, and an extra dose of TLC at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

Summer Car Maintenance

Before heading off on long summer road trips, make sure your engine and auto accessories are prepared for the trip. Take your vehicle into an auto repair shop for a basic tune-up before you hit the road. Replace old windshield wipers in case you drive through a summer squall, and rotate or replace worn tires.

Summer Car Clean Out

No one wants to head off to the beach with trash rolling around under their seats. Clean out your car before you hit the road this summer. Don’t forget:

  • Remove seasonal car accessories like windshield scrapers
  • Toss trash and store spare trash bags in your car
  • Take clutter back into the house – not only does it make a mess, leaving junk in the wrong place could impede your view and cause an accident
  • Organize any commuter accessories – like GPS devices or road trip games – before you leave the house
  • Vacuum the trunk of your vehicle before you pack your luggage
  • Pack an emergency car kit

Summer Carwash

A summer carwash at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail isn’t just a fun excuse to hang out and eat pizza. Keeping your car clean and waxed preserves the life of your paint, extends the life of your car, and makes the whole family look good! Whether you’re cruising around Woodstock or traveling over the hills and far away, a clean car will make the memories less about mess and more about progress.

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