Summer Road Trip Essentials

There are a few quintessential “All American” things that nearly everyone loves to experience. The summer road trip is at the top of that list, along with the 4th of July, tailgating, and college football season.

Before you head out onto the wide open road, don’t forget a few summer road trip essentials to bring with you in your car.

summer road trip essentials

Must Haves for Your Summer Road Trip

  • Snacks – Before you hit the road, hit the Costco aisles for a healthy amount of trail mix, beef jerky, or whatever else you crave on a road trip. Remember though, junk food can tend make you feel like you’re running on low fuel yourself. Try mixing in some healthy choices too.
  • Water – Of course the drive will be a few Monster drinks in, but make sure that you keep water as an option during your road trip too. Not only will it help you stay hydrated, but it could also come in handy if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road.
  • The Best Playlist in the World – Music is possibly the most important element of your road trip besides the car itself. If you don’t trust yourself with the responsibility of creating the best playlist in the world, then you can always grab your smartphone and let Pandora or Spotify take care of that for you.
  • Don’t Forget Your Phone Charger – Nothing can kill the mood like losing the power to your playlist… or not being able to make a phone call in case of emergency. Make sure you pack your phone car charger and keep it powered up while you travel.
  • Sunglasses – Let’s face it. Driving with sun glare in your eyes is pretty annoying, and it’s not especially safe either. Don’t forget your shades.
  • Rest Accessories – So you might not be able to slip into your Forever Lazy while traveling down the road, but if you need a nap somewhere along the way, make sure you pack a light blanket and a travel pillow.
  • A Clean Car – Maybe we’re a little bit biased, but you shouldn’t show up to your destination in a car with months of dirt and grime on it. Make a good impression and see your neighborhood Woodstock, Georgia car wash before hitting the road.

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