The benefits of waxing your car

Many people don’t see how important it is to keep your car waxed. By waxing your car regularly, you ensure that the car is protected by anything that pops up on it.

You can compare car wax to sunscreen at the beach. You wouldn’t want to go out to the beach without sunscreen to protect your skin, just like you wouldn’t want to take your car out on the road without a layer of wax on it to protect it.

In order to ensure that your paint doesn’t chip fade or crack, make sure to get your car over to Towne lake’s Carwash and detail to keep your car looking brand new. A good indicator of when it is time for a car wash is when your car looks dirtier after a rain shower. A well waxed car will repel the rain off it and keep it looking the same after the rain as it did before.

Waxing is not necessarily about the brand of wax or even the technique. The key to waxing you car is consistency. Having your car properly washed at Towne lake’s Carwash and detail, will delay the peeling and discoloration of your car and increase the sale value.

All in all, keeping your car waxed is the best way to protect it and keep it looking like it did the first day you bought it.


Why It Is Important to Wash Your Car in the Summer

Keeping Your Car Clean in Towne LakeWhen I learned how to drive, my father taught me some very important tips about taking care of my car.  He taught me how to change a tire, check my oil, and a few of the other basics.  When he handed over the keys to my hand-me-down car (anything with four wheels is amazing, especially when you’re 16,) he handed me a prepaid carwash tickets for our local service where I grew up.  After he handed them over, he mentioned how important it was to protect your investment.  Of course, at 16, I didn’t realize that a car was a major investment.  It wasn’t until I bought a car that actually had a price tag on it, that I realized that a car deserves as much care on the outside as it does on the inside.

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