The Importance of Safe Drinking Water

Do you ever wonder where all that soap goes when you wash your car at home in your driveway? It can get into Georgia’s storm drains and then directly into our lakes, rivers, and streams. That is part of of the problem with washing your own car. It causes water pollution.  If you wash your car on the grass or in the gravel you have less chance of causing pollution.  But, one reason to bring your car to a commercial car wash is that a car wash recycles and treats their water so the soap and chemicals that are used do not get into our clean water supply.

safe drinking water is important

Why is clean water so important anyway? Think about it, clean water not only helps our community stay healthy but it also helps our local economy. Clean water gives us commercial opportunities, fishing, recreation, and adds beauty to our area. Clean water benefits every living thing on our planet and by caring  and making changes we can help our environment to thrive.

What’s the Problem here?  Washing your own car isn’t a huge problem, but how and where you do it matters. On average washing your car in the driveway uses 116 gallons of water. Most car washes use around 36 gallons, which is 60% less than if you washed your vehicle in the driveway. Almost all soaps contain phosphates, and other chemicals that can harm fish and water quality.

How can you help? Taking your car to a local car wash is a smart choice. But if you insist on washing your own car, then do so in the grass or on some gravel to keep from causing water pollution. Use soap sparingly and a nozzle on your hose to save water.  Pour the bucket of soap in a sink or bath tub, not on the street or drive way. The local car wash is your best choice because commercial car washes reuse water many times before actually having it sent to the water treatment facility.

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