The Love Bug

Some people treat their car like a lover, others like an old friend. Many of us don’t don’t realize how much our automobiles simplify our daily commutes, errands, and outings until something like the 2014 Snowpocalypse reminds us how much we need our wheels. It doesn’t matter if you’re more likely to shine and polish your hood weekly, or you barely have time to clean your console as you dash you kids to soccer practice; it’s time to make a date with your wheels. Treat your vehicle to a full service carwash this Valentine’s Day. Your car (and your date) will thank you.

The Valentine’s Day Approach to Carwashes

Just like everyone has a different approach to Valentine’s Day, car owners have a system for planning each carwash. Professional Woodstock detailing, quick home washes, and carefully scheduled car waxes keep your ride running (and looking) smooth. Show your car a little love this week and have your ride spick and span for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Which Valentine Carwash Cliché Are You?

  1. heart carThe Planner. With Woodstock’s wacky weather this winter, it pays to plan. Forecasts call for rain, snow, and sleet this week. Don’t watch your newly shined ride discolor with slush and road salt. Schedule a carwash for Thursday evening or Friday morning to ensure your car still sparkles for your Valentine’s Day date.
  2. The Last Minute Date. Spontaneity has definite upsides and downsides, but there’s no denying it’s a lot of fun. Make a memory with a romantic, last-minute road trip to the North Georgia Mountains. Just make sure to polish your car and check the road conditions before you go.
  3. The Blingy Distraction. When in doubt, gifts are the way to go. Make your car (and your significant other) feel special this Valentine’s Day with a sweet smelling car air freshener, new floor mats, and a box of chocolates hidden in the console. Is your spouse too busy with work and kids to keep up with the car? Treat the person you love to holiday bling that won’t break the bank with a sleek, sparkling, freshly waxed automobile.

Show your significant other how much you care with a full body auto detail at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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