The Misconceptions of a Tunnel Wash

The Carwash Tunnel is Bentley Safe!

Many people have been scared into the idea that all touch tunnel car washes cause damage.  This is a myth that has pushed away many auto owners, especially those who drive luxury cars.  At Towne Lake’s Carwash & Detail in Woodstock, Georgia, our tunnel carwash is capable of handling any car.

Whether you drive a Nissan like me, a Bentley, Porsche, or even a limousine (oh yeah… we’ve done it) there is nothing to worry about.  Our tunnel carwash is capable of handling it all without causing any damage to your vehicle.  As mentioned before in a previous post about the importance of washing your car in the summer, we believe that keeping a car clean is essential to maintaining it.  This is the first thing that your car does once you hand us your keys is go through the tunnel wash.

Our services are completely safe for minivans, sedans, trucks, luxury cars, convertibles, and more.

Just about the only thing that we will not take through the tunnel is a boat, and for that we will gladly wash and detail by hand.

Have you ever heard about tunnel carwashes not being safe?  Leave a comment!


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