The Most Important Lessons We Learn from our Dads

When we asked our Facebook followers who taught them how to drive, father figures won by a landslide. Most of us remember sliding behind the wheel for the first time, hands trembling with nervousness or excitement, as our dads calmly said, “Seatbelt on. Adjust your mirrors. Seat alright? Let’s go.”

This Father’s Day we honor the men who taught us valuable life skills like transitioning lanes without hurting anyone and how to change a flat tire. Here are just a few of the useful (well, most of them) skills dads teach kids about cars.

5 Lessons Fathers Should Teach their Kids about Cars

  1. baby reaching for steering wheelHow to stand their ground. No, we’re not talking about playing chicken (protip: don’t). We are talking about knowing what’s what when you roll into the parking lot. Whether you’re buying a new car, new tires, or just a new wax job, it’s dad’s job to make sure you know what’s a fair price, how to haggle, and how to avoid being taken for a ride.
  2. How to change a tire. Remember that commercial with the teen changing a tire in the rain? When her dad wouldn’t answer the phone and it turned out he was watching from afar? Well, it warmed our hearts. Flat tires are one of the most common maintenance issues a car can have. Dads, make sure your kids know how to change a flat (and find the spare in the trunk) before handing over the keys.
  3. How to parallel park. You may not be ready to send your kids into the city for a concert at Centennial Park, but you can’t live in a metro area without mastering the art of parallel parking.
  4. What to do in an emergency situation. That could mean a flashing light on the dash, flashing lights in the rearview mirror, or turning on the flashers after a fender bender. Trust us, when dads teach their kids to keep a cool head in an emergency, the lessons stay with them.
  5. How to maintain a car. It’s easy for teen drivers to develop a “dad will take care of it” mentality. Teach your kids basic car maintenance, the importance of regular auto service, and how to keep cars clean, inside and out. It’s the way to a long life (for your kids and their cars).

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