The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly . . .

. . . on freshly washed cars.

We know we’re not alone in this. It seems like the minute you find the time to stop by the carwash, the skies open up on your freshly washed car. The last thing you want to do is head back into town to have your car washed again. But with a little planning (and an eye on the weather channel), you can keep your car clean after it rains.

How Does Rain Damage Cars?

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Some people love storms, some people hate them. Some find them relaxing, others find them distracting. But no one can deny that rainstorms are messy. They churn up mud, leave damp patches on upholstery, and blow contaminates onto car paint. Though many people believe rainwater cleans cars, the opposite is actually true. Rainwater leaves water spots, dirt, and airborne contaminates on your car. Rain also makes for muddy footprints, wet seats, and streaked windshields.

How to Keep Your Car Clean after It Rains

  • Park inside whenever possible. The best solution is prevention. If you know it’s going to rain and there’s empty space in the garage, pull into that covered parking space.
  • Watch out for muddy feet. When it rains, it’s not just your car exterior that gets dirty. Wet parking lots result in muddy footprints and wet spots on the upholstery. Keep your carpets clean by buying vinyl floor mats for your car. If you don’t have rubber mats, have your kids put their shoes in plastic bags until you get home.
  • Dry the car. If you don’t have time to wash away the contaminants delivered by the rain, wipe off rainwater with a shammy or microfiber towel. Drying your car after a rainstorm will prevent dust from gathering on the surface of your vehicle.
  • Get your car waxed regularly. Car wax doesn’t just make your paint shiny; it adds a protective layer between your paint and the airborne contaminates that will erode your finish.

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