There’s No Such Thing as a Free Carwash

It’s easy to convince yourself that a heavy rainfall is essentially a free carwash. After all, rain storms are free, eco-friendly, and don’t involve manual labor. Unfortunately, that mindset is false. Rain doesn’t just not clean your car, it usually makes it dirtier. Over time, rain deteriorates the protective coating on your paint, making your car look dirty, dingy, and worn. A good carwash restores that freshly manufactured aesthetic, removing dirt and contaminates and extending the life of your car.

How Rain Damages Cars

rain spots on sports carRain does one thing and one thing only: wet your car. Choosing a “rain carwash” instead of a professional carwash service removes the proactive elements of cleaning your car: using cleaning solutions, paying special attention to problem areas, drying water spots off the car, and adding a protective wax sealant. In addition to being a subpar way to wash cars, rainwater carries contaminants, especially so close to a major city like Atlanta. Rain collects dust and dirt, road residue like oil and automotive chemicals, and other contaminants that damage car paint. It may not look like it, but your car is actually less clean after a sudden storm.

A Cleaner Alternative

Instead of taking the easy way out, choose another simple alternative: Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. We’re a quick service carwash in Woodstock that offers a full range of services with no extra effort. Sit in our cozy waiting room while your automobile gets a 15 minute quick wash. Want to protect your car from future rainstorms? Get a full service carwash and auto wax. We offer a 72 hour rain check on all carwashes, so you can guarantee a clean car no matter what the forecast predicts.

Treat yourself to a car that looks great, even years after you drive it off the lot. Keep your car clean and protected with regular carwashes in Towne Lake.

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