Things to do while waiting on your car to be washed

Getting your car washed gives you a sense of instant gratification; however what are you supposed to do while you’re waiting on your clean ride to come through the tunnel? Well, lucky for you we have come up with a few things that will help you pass the time.

Play “Name the Owner” – As each car comes through the tunnel or is pulled around, try to match the car with the owner waiting inside. Of course this could be obvious for some of the cars, but some might throw you for a loop.

Watch T.V – At Towne Lake’s Carwash and detail we have a big screen television available for you to catch up on the news, sports, or just do a little light watching.

Get a gift card – Who doesn’t love a free carwash? Does any family or friends have a birthday coming up? A free carwash makes a wonderful gift! It makes for a great thank-you gift for teachers or as well!

Browse the Internet – We offer free WIFI connectivity, so you can check your email, browse the internet, or check in with us on Foursquare!

Whatever you decide to do to keep you entertained, we are glad you are doing it with Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. We strive to provide our customers in the Towne Lake community the most outstanding car wash experience ever!

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