Tips and Tricks for Car Wash and Cleaning Techniques

How can you be sure that when you wash your own car you aren’t just damaging the paint by using the wrong type of cleansers or abrasive brushes or scrubbers. The team at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail shares Tips and Tricks for Car Wash and Cleaning Techniques.

If you are seeing swirls on the paint of your car it is probably from improper car-washing techniques. Using improper techniques when washing your automobile will cause swirls and scratches. It is important to know the right way to care for your car. If you want to have a Carwash that cares about your car and makes sure that they use the proper techniques on your vehicle every time, you can count on the team at Towne Lake’s CarWash and Detail in Woodstock, GA.

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Towne Lake’s CarWash and Detail’s Top 3 Carwashing and Cleaning Techniques:

  1. Choose tools for washing your vehcile that are gentle on painted surfaces. A wire or steel brush is a definite no! A rag made out of sheepskin is ideal! 
  2. Start the washing with the wheels and tires. If you get wheel cleaner or dirt on the vehicle in the process you can always wash it off when you begin to wash the car.
  3. Laundry and Dish detergent are not the best soap to use to clean your vehicle. They can have chemicles in them that can harm the paint on your car or truck. It is best to use washes specifically designed to wash automobiles. You can always be sure that at Towne Lake’s CarWash and Detail in Woodstock, GA that we use only the best ans safest washing soaps for your car.

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