Tips for a Greener Home Carwash

The weather’s heating up, and with the spring heat comes a season of gleaming car exteriors and finely detailed interiors. But before you join the ranks of neighbors washing cars in their driveways, answer this: Did you know that washing your car at home wastes around 90 gallons of water per wash?

home water runoffMany people would be shocked to discover that their “eco-friendly” home option isn’t so eco-friendly after all. DIY carwashes waste more water to get cars less clean than at a commercial carwash. If a DIY carwash is your only option, here are a few suggestions to limit the ecological impact.

3 Tips for a Greener Home Carwash

  1. Go green. Limit water runoff by washing your car in the grass instead of on the driveway. If the water from your driveway runs off into the garden instead of a street drain, it’s ok to wash your car on the pavement.
  2. Get messy. Before breaking out the soap and buckets, use specialty cleaners to scrub bugs off the grill, remove bird dropping from the windshield, and get sap residue off your car.
  3. Go natural. Feeling guilty about all that wasted water? Use organic cleaning solutions, whether you snag them from the most expensive aisle at the organic grocery store or mix them in your own kitchen.

Professional carwashes have mastered the science of water conservation. At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, we capture runoff water from carwashes, store it, transfer it to a purification facility to filter out dirt and contaminates, and recycle it for reuse. If we can save almost 100 gallons of water per carwash, imagine how much water we conserve in a year! For an easy, earth-friendly carwash option, schedule an appointment at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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