Top 3 Commonly Overlooked Car Maintenance Places

Don’t forget these commonly overlooked spots when cleaning and maintaining  your car!


 Did you know that the undercarriage of your car collects the most dirt? While you made not see it, the undercarriage of your car is what contains a lot of the most important parts of your car. In keeping the undercarriage clean you can ensure that your car will be running smoother and lasting longer.

Oil and Fluids

 When your car reaches 3,000 miles, generally it is time to change your oil. A lot of customers try to get a way with 5,000+ miles, but if you want the engine to run smoothly, you will want to keep your oil changes up to date. Thanks to the little sticker we put in your windshield, you should be up to date with when you are due in for your next oil changing. Antifreeze is another one of those things you need to keep updated. Having antifreeze will allow you too see out your windshield when there is bad visibility.

 Interior car roof ( Headliner)

 Maintaining a clean interior of your car is just as important as maintaining the exterior. One spot that is commonly overlooked in the interior of your car is the roof,commonly referred to as the headliner. The headliner contains just as much dirt and odor as the floor and seats of your car. So just how exactly do you clean your headliner? Well, start off with upholstery cleaner and a micro fiber towel; lightly mist the towel with the cleaner and lightly clean off.

clean car with fresh oil change

 Hope these tips will help you maintain a clean long lasting car. Let us know what tricks you use to keep your car long lasting and running smoothly!

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