Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail’s Winter and Severe Weather Policies

We gained an extra hour of sleep this past weekend and with the time change it seems like the winter months are now rapidly approaching.  Considering  the cooler temps lately, you may be wondering what winter and sever weather policies are in place at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail. Here’s a list of when we will be open or closed during sever and winter weather. If you have any questions you can always contact us!

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Thunderstorms, Severe Weather, Heavy Rain, and  other Hazardous weather are naturally not good instances to get your car washed. So we are closed during these type weather events. If you aren’t sure if the weather is severe enough or if you wonder if we have reopened since one of these weather events has occurred you can simply give us a call ( 770.592.8102).

Winter Weather, Snow and Ice Storms are a time you can bet we will be closed as well. However, we still maintain the same schedule during the winter season.  The only time this changes is when the temperature falls below 32 degrees. If it is freezing or below freezing outside, we cannot operate.  Who wants to wash their own car during the winter, when it’s so cold outside? We do!  Be sure to come back and visit after all the snow melts and we will make sure that your vehicle shines after all that sludge and dirt left over from the salt and snow mess.

As always, If you can’t get by today, we offer “by appointment scheduling” online if you just have too many things to do. Simply fill out our appointment form and set up the date and time you would like to visit… The team at Towne Lake’s Car Wash and Detail  is ready to serve you!

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