Want the Dirt on Rain Water?

car rainWith the recent weeks of unceasing rain, you may feel like you’ve barely seen your friends at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. But sunny days are on the horizon, and your professional Woodstock carwash is equipped to get your ride ready for another bout of holiday shopping. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, cleaning your car after a rainstorm is critical to increasing the lifespan of your vehicle. Wash off the rain spots and grime and deter damage from winter weather by polishing your car.

Why Clean Your Car After It Rains?

No matter how well you maintain your car, a storm can make your ride look rough. A downpour, a steady rainfall, or even a light misting can undo your last carwash in minutes. Parking your car in a garage saves you the stress of dealing with frosted windshields and overnight ice, but rainwater pools on roads and in parking lots, splashing on your tires and speckling your paint with mud. Wet weather causes rain spots on your car, dispersing dirt and other contaminates across the visible surface and letting pollutants drip into unseen crevices. Pollen, dust, smoke, smog, oil, and gasoline are just some of the pollutants that rain carries through the clouds. Other contaminates seep up from the asphalt as rain saturates the roadways, making your car dirty in record time.

Washing Away Rain Grime

The key to a clean car is clearing away contaminates. Pollution, oil, and dust cling to the surface, deteriorating your paint and rusting your rims. Wash your car immediately after a rainfall to prevent dirt and chemicals from harming your vehicle. Rain also dulls the wax coating on your car, washing away the new car sheen and leaving your topcoat exposed to the elements. Apply a fresh coat of wax when the fair weather returns, and your wheels will be equipped to handle any storm.

For a quick wash, car wax, or full-body detail, visit your Woodstock carwash professionals at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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