Washing Away a Foggy View

rainy windshieldWhen the old rhyme declared, “April showers bring May flowers,” they didn’t tell us that the skies would deluge us with pollen and insects in addition to spring rain. Weather is warming up in Woodstock, and that means our weekly rain storms have plenty of yellow dust and organic debris to rinse off. While rain spots and yellow pollen can stain your paint and tarnish your bumper, the most important part of you car to keep clean this spring is your windshield.

Everyone in Georgia knows the feeling. You maneuver into a bright yellow vehicle that was black and shiny yesterday, doing your best to keep kids’ hands clean and work clothes dust-free. When you slide into the driver’s seat you’re greeted with another wave of dust and pollen coating your windshield, making it impossible to see. A quick shot of wiper fluid and a few sweeps of your windshield wipers may clear up your view, but you’ll have to deal with the concealed yellow goo lining your windshield until you can make it to the carwash.

The trick to keeping your windshield clean is to keep your car in tip-top shape. Wipe down the blades to remove dirt build-up. If your windshield wipers are streaking, you might need to replace the blades. If pollen, dirt, and bird droppings are smearing across the glass, consider topping off your wiper fluid. The cleaning solution we use at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail creates a protective shield around your windshield glass, making it harder for dust and debris to take hold. If you’re cleaning your windshield between carwashes, make sure you don’t get glass cleaner on your car’s paint. Glass cleaner can eat through the wax, dulling your paint’s shiny finish.

For a quick carwash to remove pollen or a full auto detail to keep your car looking new, make an appointment at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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