Water-Free Carwashes: The Wave of the Future?

Woodstock weather often shifts straight from late winter rain to sticky summer air, keeping our cars spotted with condensation. But out West, droughts are more common than weekly showers. Our friends in the desert have a new solution for keeping cars clean and carwashing green: waterless carwashes.

Water Free Car Detailing

Waterless carwashes are growing in popularity in dry, dusty regions like California. Carwashing experts use a specially formulated, biodegradable automobile cleaner to wash and buff dirt and sand from cars. Once the detailer formula is sprayed onto a cars paint, it breaks down contaminates and wipes away with a microfiber detailing cloth. This eco-friendly carwash option is projected to save hundreds of millions of gallons of water each year.

Effectiveness of Waterless Carwashes

eco-friendly carwashDespite the ecological benefits of waterless carwashes, this carwashing trend hasn’t made its way east to Georgia. Professional carwashing services worry that this latest carwashing gimmick may damage a car’s surface. Inferior waterless cleaners can actually scratch the paint of the car, and even premium solutions damage the finish unless applied by a professional car detailer. Although waterless carwashes are appealing in regions with frequent droughts, Woodstock carwashes find water recycling a more effective solution. Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail carefully monitors its water consumption, using up to 100 gallons less water than DIY carwashes. We capture runoff water from each carwash, treating it to remove chemicals, soaps, and oils. By recycling our water, we can conserve as much as 85% of the water necessary to wash and detail a car.

Looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your car? Make an appointment with Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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