What To Do If Your Car is Stuck on Ice

With winter rolling around, chances are you are going to come across ice that is difficult to get out of. We all remember the snowpocalypse in January 2011, which left many cars stuck on the side of the road in sheets of ice. With these simple tips, we hope the next time your stranded on ice, you will be able to find a way out.

  • Kitty litter or sand – the argument which is better, kitty liter or sand is one we wont get into; however, either one of these products can provide extra traction when put around the tire.
  • Mouse pad – An old mouse pad can provide great traction when put rough side up under the tire.
  • Floor mats – If you are desperate to get your car out of the ice and have no other supplies, your car floor mats can double as traction mats to free your car from the ice.
  • Shovel – A shovel is always a good thing to keep in your car during the winter months. This shovel will be useful to crack the ice around the tires and hopefully free your car.

Hopefully these tips will prepare you for the winter months soon to come. If you have any questions about these tips, please contact us at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail.

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