What to Do When Your Windshield Cracks

Low visibility is a serious driving hazard, regardless of the cause. Drivers typically experience reduced visibility due to dirty windshields, condensation, or external factors like poor road lighting. But if you’ve recently come into contact with gravel or debris, it may be a cracked windshield that impedes your view. Here’s what to do if you windshield cracks while you’re driving.

What to Do about a Cracked Windshield

  • cracked windshieldPull over as soon as possible to assess the damage.
  • Cracks shorter than twelve inches and chips smaller than a quarter can usually be repaired without replacing the windshield.
  • If the crack is smaller than a quarter, it should be safe to drive to a repair shop. If the damage is larger than a quarter, the integrity of your windshield is likely jeopardized.
  • Before pulling back onto the road, make sure the chip does not limit visibility.
  • Make a repair appointment as soon as possible. Cracked windshields may warrant a traffic citation.

Prevent the Crack from Spreading

If you have to wait a few days before your repair appointment, here’s how to keep a cracked windshield from getting worse:

  • Keep it clean. Dirt can infiltrate cracked glass, making it more difficult to repair. Tape over the crack or chip to prevent contaminates from weakening the glass further.
  • Think before you park. Direct sunlight or extreme heat fluctuations will weaken the windshield, causing the crack to worsen. If possible, park in the garage.
  • Avoid creating extra pressure by closing doors gently. If you park in the garage, leave the windows cracked to avoid pressure buildup.
  • Wait before your next carwash. Water can slip into a cracked windshield, creating greater damage. Wait until after your repair to visit Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for your bi-weekly wash.

Dealing with a dirty windshield? Visit your Woodstock carwash to remove dirt, leaf residue, bird droppings, and bug splatter from your windshield.

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