What’s Ruining Your Paint?

Most car owners know it’s crucial to wipe bird droppings, spring pollen, and mud splatters off your vehicle before the mess becomes a stain. Both natural and inorganic contaminates burrow into your car’s paint, leaving spots discolored, faded, or prone to rust. A regular car wax will add a buffer, protecting the surface of your paint until you stop by the carwash, but unknown contaminates have time to soak. What unexpected paint hazards lurk in your daily grind?

  1. Beverages. It’s easy to ignore a few drops of spilled coffee or Coke as you rush to work each day, but your morning Starbucks could cost you more than the $5 for extra foam. The acidity in most popular drinks will eat at your car’s paint, seeping past the wax coat to create permanent damage. The next time you forget a cup of coffee on your car roof, make a note: the carwash should be your next stop.
  2. pumping gasGasoline. It should come as no surprise that gas contains harsh chemicals that will discolor your car’s paint job, but it’s shockingly easy to let a spill slide. Don’t get caught up in the monotony of pumping gas. Keep a bottle of cleaning solution and a clean microfiber cloth in your glove compartment and clean gas spills immediately.
  3. Handprints. Everyone knows that if you write a message on a steamy bathroom mirror, the note will reappear the next time it gets foggy. The same is true of cars. Writing “wash me” on the back windshield or swirling a pattern onto a dirty bumper may seem innocent enough, but the more you doodle, the worse your car will look. The combination of oil on your fingertips and the grit of the dirt makes messages and artwork more permanent than car enthusiasts would like.

Wash off the daily grime at Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail. Our professional staff will give your car the quick wash, hand wax, or detail that fits your schedule and your lifestyle.

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