What’s Your Dream Car? – Guest Post

Hi everyone! This week, we decided to bring in a guest post. Ashley is a friend of Towne Lake Car Wash and Detail and decided to help us out. Check out her post below!

Imagine it: You’re driving down the road with the windows rolled down (or top down), enjoying a beautiful spring sunny day. Your music of choice is blaring. What car are you driving if you could have your absolute dream car?

Dream cars are as personal to a human being as what kind of jeans they like to wear, or how they prefer to have their coffee in the morning. One man’s dream car might be a massive Ford F250 truck, while another’s might be a Chevy Corvette.

As long as I can remember, we’ve been a “car family.” My Dad bought his first dream car in 1995, when I was 11 years old. It was a brown Porsche 944, and the love of the Porsche brand began for him and the rest of our family. So far, we’ve had about nine different Porsches enter our family garage since 1995, I’m sure that will only increase with time. Currently, there are still three housed there, and sometimes, I get to take the “pride and joy” out for a spin.

What it is about cars that create a fiercely loyal fan base? How many sons and daughters have watched family members out in the driveway tinkering with car parts, not even realizing that right at that very second, the love of a brand is being born? Most car people have a common bond. A common love of all things automotive.

What’s your ultimate dream car? Leave us a reply below. No matter which one you choose,  the team at Towne Lake Carwash and Detail in Woodstock, GA will make sure it’s washed and detailed like a pro.

(Personal photo courtesy of  Ashley’s Dad.)

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