When’s It Time to Wax?

If you ask ten people how often you should wax your car, you’ll get ten different answers. “How often should I wax my car?” is one of those questions like “how often should I get my carpets cleaned?” Everyone knows its necessary, but the frequency of cleaning depends on your lifestyle, how much dirt it’s exposed to, and how well you did it last time.

Why Wax Your Car?

Every car manufactured in the past three decades has three layers of paint: the primer, the colored lacquer, and a clear seal coat. The seal coat protects the color of the car from mud, scratches, and airborne contaminates. But as with anything, the protective seal breaks down over time. Regularly applying wax to your car adds an additional layer of protection. It keeps contaminants like exhaust buildup, ultraviolet light, and tree sap from seeping into the clear coat of paint. Not only does wax keep your automobile looking shiny and new, it increases the longevity of your paint, protecting the color from corrosion, surface damage, and oxidation. Waxing your car also makes it easier to wash; the wax creates a barrier between the paint and dirt, making it easier to wipe away layers of grime.

How Often to Wax Your Car

freshly waxed mini cooperEvery auto mechanic and detailing service has their own opinion on how frequently to wax your automobile. Some car enthusiasts recommend monthly waxing, while people who only view cars as a way to get from point A to point B may wax their cars once a year. At Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail, we recommend waxing your car every other month. The pre-winter car wax and the spring car wax are the most important to extending the life of your car.

Some factors that determine how often to wax your car include:

  • Where you live. Do you live in a spiffed and polished Towne Lake neighborhood, or do you live out by the lake? How clean are your neighbors, and how often does their dirt drift onto your property?
  • Where you drive. Are you commuting into the city every day, or do you work from home? Do you drive the kids to school and spend the day running errands, or do you prefer to work around the yard during the day?
  • Where you park. Cars parked on the street or driveway (especially cars parked under trees) need more frequent waxing and washing than cars parked in the garage.

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