Why you should keep your car clean

Besides just looking good, there are a few other reasons it is important to keep your car looking nice from day to day.

Lasts longer and performs better – Dust, sand, and salt can all be abrasive particles that can ruin your car. If your car is not washed on regular basis, these elements can scratch the finish of your car. Bird droppings and tree sap can even eventually eat through your clear coat leaving your finish vulnerable to wear and tear.

Preserves paint – Regular cleaning of the exterior of your car also helps to preserve the paint that is applied which means less rusting and color that fades less quickly.

Impression on others – Whether it is a date or a job interview, a clean car can leave a lasting impression on others. On the same note, a dirty car can really turn someone off.  A dirty car can come across to some as a messy lifestyle. A person who doesn’t care about how the exterior of their car looks can be perceived as messy individuals all together. 

To keep your car cleaned regularly, swing by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail in Woodstock, GA to get a thorough exterior and interior washing!

pros of clean carsimage from flickr 


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