Winter Weather Car Preparation

carwash frostHere in Woodstock we don’t have to worry about car doors freezing shut, hubcaps cracking in the cold, or ice forming a screen over our windshields. But the polar vortex has reminded residents of Cherokee County just how crucial winter car care is. Protect your vehicle—and your family—from the elements by checking you car maintenance basics, stocking your vehicle with emergency supplies, and preparing your auto’s exterior for frost, ice, and road salt.

Check Your Basics

Make sure your tires have adequate tread, replace worn windshield wipers, and top off the fluids in your engine. Handle antifreeze with care and store well out of reach of small children and pets. The sweetness attracts curious cats, but antifreeze is lethal to both humans and animals. Test the efficiency of your heater and defroster, and see a professional if either system is faulty. Periodically check spark plugs and car batteries and replace as needed.

Emergency Winter Supplies

Make sure your emergency car kit is well stocked for winter. In addition to basic supplies like a first aid kit, flashlight, and jumper cables, add extra blankets, hand warmers, and spare clothes for layering. Replace water bottles and granola bars that were in the hot car over the summer. Keep a spare ice scraper (ideally with a snow brush) in your glove compartment for emergency situations.

Winter Carwash

A good carwash is the best way to prepare your car’s exterior for unexpected winter weather. Keep your car clean of highway contaminates, dirt, and road salt to prevent rusting or paint deterioration. Wax your car regularly, giving your paint an additional layer of protection against the elements. If your bumper is coated in winter muck, don’t wait to get it washed. When salt, gasoline, and oil lingers on your vehicle, they eat through the protective wax shield, leaving your car’s paint vulnerable in the future.

Stop by Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a full service carwash, a protective winter wax, or a quick wash to clean your car of road grime.

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