Winter Weather Tips For Driving

While it might not feel like it in Georgia right now, winter is in fact right around the corner. With winter also comes bad winter weather, which leads to bad winter driving. Bad winter weather makes accidents more probable and car troubles more of a nightmare. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare your car for the winter, and hopefully lead to fewer car troubles.

  • Double check your wiper blades – Check your wiper blades to make sure that they allow you to see clearly out the window. Snow slush and wintry mix is often worse than heavy rain on your windshield, and poor visibility can lead to accidents.
  • Know your car – It is always a good idea to get to know how your car handles on wintry days by driving it around in a parking lot. It is better to know what you can and can’t do before getting into real trouble on the road. Of course, the best solution is to stay off to roads all together if at all possible.
  • Have your tire pressure checked – With the temperatures dropping, there is a good chance that your tire pressure is dropping low. Low tire pressure in a vehicle can lead to dangerous and expensive car problems if neglected.
  • Clean your car interior – Make sure that your car is not only clean on the outside, but also the inside. A dirty windshield can lead to poor visibility and possibly an accident.

Hopefully these tips will help you be more  prepared for the winter weather ahead. If you are looking for a place to get your car cleaned, head over to Towne Lake’s Carwash and Detail for a thorough car detail.

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